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◎译  名 窒息
◎片  名 A martfüi rém
◎年  代 2016
◎产  地 匈牙利
◎类  别 犯罪/惊悚
◎语  言 匈牙利语Hungarian
◎字  幕 中英双字幕
◎上映日期 2019-06-16(匈牙利)
◎IMDb评分 7.1/10 from 3,805 users
◎豆瓣评分 7.3/10 from 94 users
◎文件格式 x264 + aac
◎视频尺寸 1280 x 720
◎文件大小 1CD
◎片  长 118分钟
◎导  演 Árpád Sopsits
◎主  演 佐耳·昂格 Zsolt Anger
      莫妮卡·巴尔赛 Mónika Balsai
      Rebeka Rea
      索菲娅·绍莫希 Zsófia Szamosi

◎简  介

  A thrilling crime story. A man who spends 10 years in prison because he is considered guilty but in actual fact is innocent. A serial killer at large. A prosecutor who demands the death sentence for the innocent man and later tries to prevent the truth from being revealed. An investigator who is finally obliged to conduct investigations against himself and a new one who is obsessed with delivering justice. The story of all those people and their families are intertwined in three timelines in the 1950s and 60s in the small Hungarian town of Martf.




http://www.ygdy8.net.garyhamby.com/html/gndy/jddy/20180815/ftp://ygdy8:[email protected]:8258/阳光电影www.ygdy8.com.窒息.BD.720p.中英双字幕.mkv

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